whats your lantern corp? and what super hero do you think would go well that lantern corp? besides a lantern

This is always a tough question to answer, and as much as I’d love to be a Star Sapphire, I’d probably be part of the Indigo Tribe. As for a hero that would fit in the tribe, I’d have to agree with the Blackest Night storyline and say that the Atom (Ray Palmer) would be the best fit for the ring.

please tell me as to how red x from teen titans was jason todd? im not by any means saying your wrong or calling you out i just dont see how so id love it explained tom, especially sense the robin is dick grayson

Hahaha there’s honestly no valid proof that he’s Jason Todd, but most of the Teen Titans/Jason Todd fans I know are convinced it’s him. In the show, Red X often serves as a foil to Dick, and is in many ways exactly his opposite. This sounds a lot like Jason to me, in that though they both share a similar role, the two couldn’t be more different. Also, in a Teen Titans Go short, while the team is trying to identify Red X, Beast Boy keeps affirming that it is, in fact, Jason Todd. I dunno, it’s just a lot of conjecture and trying to make it work. Personally I just want to believe that Jason Todd has more representation in animation than we all think, but anyone’s opinion is fair game.

who is your favorite green lantern?

It’s actually Hal Jordan.

Why is roman Sionis is one of your favorite characters??

Because he is a precious stupid idiot and he ought to be everyone’s favorite character!

do you have any pets

I like your disregard for the whole ‘comic blog’ thing. I have two cats.



Lets destroy the idea that Jay has a dirty safe house


He even has tea pots and shit

Jason Todd is NOT Red X or Arkham Knight

That’s what Red X and Arkham Knight want you to think.